A complete solution.

CIV-Barsatech specializes in the repair and / or refurbishment of industrial pumps and valves, as well as the sales of mechanical and high temperature products.


Mission: To provide a complete solution.

CIV-Barsatech is a company founded in Saguenay, totaling more than 27 years of experience. CIV-Barsatech specializes in the repair and / or refurbishment of industrial valves and pumps, as well as the manufacture of replacement parts. In addition, CIV-Barsatech has a line of high temperatures products for the aluminum sector.
CIV-Barsatech offers a complete solution for faucets, safety valves, instrumentation and control valves and pumps. A complete solution fulfilled with a high level of quality in compliance with safety standards and the environment.
We are ready to become the most important player in Eastern Canada in the refurbishment market.

Company Mission

The company calibrates, manufactures, repairs, rebuilds and recycles valves, safety valves, instrumentation and control valves and pumps. CIV-Barsatech enjoys an enviable reputation that extends far beyond the region, at upgrading of valves, pumps and at maintaining a huge inventory growth.

CIV-Barsatech promotes teamwork and ensures quality control at each stage of production work. The productivity gains are largely transferred to our clients who see their costs for upgrading valves and pumps decrease significantly.

Over the years, CIV-Barsatech and its related companies have developed a lot of expertise in several related areas, making some products truly unique. Since last year, CIV-Barsatech opted for structured activities of research and development in order to bring their innovative products to maturity.


Standards and Approvals


Cognibox is one of the world leader in management of suppliers qualification helping you to reduce risk as well as improving your performances in health and safety and the environment. CIV-Barsatech is a member of this organization, which ensures “donneur d’ordres” (management) that all employees working in their facilities have the necessary/appropriate training.

ISO 9001:2015

Our Saguenay branch is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Quality is very important to us. It is for this reason that we have a comprehensive system and each repair has its own unique report and history made available at all times for our customers.

Board of Building Standards certificate

We have a certificate from the Board of Building Standards to repair, calibrate and seal the safety valves in workshop. The same certification allows us to calibrate and seal safety valves directly in factory with an “opening assisted device”.

API standards

Each repaired valve is inspected and tested according to the API standards by our certified technicians. A monitoring/preparation report is prepared for each repair service. We always use original parts when available. We keep a track record for each repair (unique number for each valve for tracking purposes).

The American Petroleum Institute (API) is the only national professional association that represents all aspects of the natural gas and oil industry in America. More than 500 company members, the largest oil company to the smallest of independents, come from all segments of the industry. They are producers, refiners, suppliers, pipeline operators and marine transporters, as well as the services and supplies corporations that support all segments of the industry. While our goal is primarily national, in recent years, our work has expanded to include a growing international dimension and the API is now recognized around the world for its wide range of programs.

Repair Velan

CIV-Barsatech is the only authorized company to repair the world's leading Velan valves. This certification assures clients that our employees have the necessary training for these products.

Our employees are trained to visit your facility in compliance with safety regulations. We have a program under health and safety. We have a policy of high quality.


A skilled workforce.

CIV-Barsatech has more than 50 employees in the region divided into the following specialties: manual control valves technicians, safety valves technicians, pumps technicians and welders.

Company Machining
Company Welding
Company Modeling

Some of our partners.

Formothane is a machining shop identical to those working the different metals. We process polymers.

The materials we use are available, in most cases, in a wide color selection. We have materials which are usable from -40 ° C up to 1000 ° C. The products are resistant to corrosion, abrasion, UV radiation, mold and chemicals.

Gravel Innovation
The company goal is to provide innovative solutions to make the use of the RFID technology as transparent and easy as possible.

CIV-Barsatech, in partnership with Gravel Innovation, has developed a system using RFID for inventory management of safety valves. This technology enables users to effectively do follow ups while respecting the requirements from the insurers and the Board of Building Standards.


Authorized Dealer:

3R Industrie
High temperature Industrial produits. Strong presence in aluminum, its presence also extends to steel mills, refineries, foundries, petrochemicals, mining and paper mills.

Xomox,Tufline, Saunders
Bushels Valves. For industries such as steel mills, refineries, foundries, petrochemicals, mining and paper mills.

Clarkson’s Guillotines valves. Benchmark for “sludge valves” in the mining, metallurgy and fertilizers all over the world.

Robust valves and carefree, field-proven for abrasive, corrosive and coarse slurries.