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Why work with CIV-Barsatech? What is the main mission of CIV-Barsatech?


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Frequently asked questions

What is the main mission of CIV-Barsatech?

We repair and rebuild all types of industrial valves on the market. The valve’s body is made of unalterable metal, as specified by the process designers wherein the valve plays a role. A few decades of use can rarely affect the valve’s body. It is for this reason that we can change the moving parts. We remove all signs of abrasion and we add anti-abrasive protection linings and resilient parts. Hence our slogan "EVEN BETTER THAN BRAND NEW ".

What types of valves can be repaired or rebuilt, and do CIV-Barsatech machine or build valve’s components?

We can repair or rebuild all types of valves, whether it's a mechanical action type, manual or control type. There is one exception to our manufacturing practices repair parts and it’s the safety valves for which we use only original components. We repair and rebuild all types of industrial pumps.

Can you improve the lifespan of a valve?

We can help you increase the life of your valves to your specific environmental conditions. We offer polymer based ceramic coatings, metal and rubber coatings. We have great expertise to help you solve your wear problems, such as corrosion and abrasion. This expertise comes from our business relationships with companies such as aluminum manufacturers, mines, etc.

Can you balance rotary pump components?

We have a balancing equipment. Our balancing machine is calibrated once a year by a certified company.

What warranty CIV-Barsatech?

A one-year warranty, as normal use, is available for all components that we repair or rebuild.

Are there calibration tests?

The tests are applied in accordance with the ASME standard. We can calibrate actual flow with air, liquid, vapor and nitrogen. We have an underpressure device to calibrate and seal valves safety in our facilities. It is also possible to go directly to the factory to test them with an opening assisted equipment. The company is certified by the board of Building Standards to repair, adjust and seal all safety valves.

If the original manufacturer has ceased production of a valve or if it is expired, what happens?

The valves have a long life expectancy, but the materials, components and demand evolve. Some strategic valves come to break and parts and components for repair are no longer available on the market. Our repair shop is equipped with all the machines and tools to manufacture any replacement valve components. The age of the part to repair or rebuild do not matter/is irrelevent, “but/contrariwise/on the other side”, serving quickly our clients is our priority!

What do you mean by “Purging” - CIV-Barsatech’s sampler?

These valves have been manufactured and improved over several years by technicians CIV-Barsatech. These valves are typically used for purging, inject or to sample “pipeline”. These valves are manufactured and tested according to the ASME/ANSI standards.

Do you do any work in the factory?

We have trained technicians at your disposal to perform work in your facility. During a planned “outage/downtime/shutdown” or an emergency, the team, equipped with a cutting edge mobile unit, performes the work required.

What is the delivery time?

Upon reception of the valve, we submit a repair or reconstruction proposal. As soon as we receive your work order, delivery time is approximately two weeks.

Do you have a valve inventory available for sale?

We have one of the largest and most diverse industrial valve and pump inventory in Quebec. We offer you the ability to put in place “a recovery valve cart in your plant”. This cart provides the “rotation cycle” of your valves. When your cart is full, you send it in to our facilities and we will return another back immediately. We do inventory of your valve cart and we will return a proposal for its replacement, repair or reconstruction.

Our employees are trained to visit your facility in compliance with safety regulations. We have a program under health and safety. We have/maintain a high quality policy.