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Our products and services

Manual Valves

We sell, repair and recondition all types of valves on the market, such as ball valves, bushels valves, "gate valve", guillotine valves, "globe valve", diaphragm valves, butterfly valves, "y-pattern ", " stop and check ", " pressure seal ", " bellows seal ", " check valve ".

In the following brands: Velan, Crane, Mcavity, Dezurick, Xomox, Durco and Clarkson.

Rotary Valves

We repair and recondition the rotary valves in major brands such as: Rotolok, Meyers, Rotari valve, Bauer Waldrom, Détroit

Instrumentation and control valves

We repair and recondition the rotary valves in major brands such as: Fisher, Masoneilan, Valtek, Neles-Jamesbury, Dezurick

Safety valves

The tests are applied in accordance with the ASME standard. We can calibrate with an actual flow of air, liquid, vapor and nitrogen. We have a underpressure device to calibrate and seal safety valves in our facilities (AVK). It is also possible to go directly in factory to test them using an opening assisted equipment. The company is certified by the board of building standards to repair, adjust and seal all safety valves.

In the following brands: Crosby, Kunkle, Consolidated


We repair and recondition pumps "single stage", "multi-stage", "simple suction" and "multi-suction" in brands and models most used in industries.

In the following brands: Goulds, Allis Chalmers, Worthington, Sulzer Bingham, Moyno, Ingersoll-rand.

Used valves and pumps inventories

We have a large refurbishment inventory available for our clients. We have an inventory management system.

CIV-Barsatech has a “large inventory of products/large products inventory” to best meet your needs and provide you with personalized service. We are very proud to be involved in the design and machining of a wide range of specialty products.



Anti-wear ceramic coatings

We can help you increase the life of your valves and pumps for your specific environmental conditions. We offer polymer coatings (Belzona) based ceramic, metal coatings and rubber. We have great expertise to help you solve your wear problems, such as corrosion and abrasion. This expertise comes from our business relationships with companies such as aluminum manufacturers, mines, etc.

Water jet trim extraction

We have specialized equipment such as Water Jet Paching to extract trim from valves and pumps directly on our customers’ production line.

This approach is cost effective, fast and decreases plant “downtime/shutdown.”

Calibration of safety valve factory

We have two teams ready to calibrate the valves directly to the client.

Machining of valve parts in factory

We have specialized equipment for machining the valves directly on the production line.

Laser pump alignment

We can install pumps at the factory “with/using” a laser alignment.

CIV-Barsatech moves to your Factory

We have two mobile units that allow us to repair valves and pumps directly to the client.

Our Guarantee

Each valve and pump repaired are quaranteed for a period equal or greater than the manufacturer's original warranty in the same conditions of use. We use original parts as much as possible (obsolescence and improving life span). We can build parts on client’s request.

CIV-Barsatech has a certificate from the Board of Building Standards to repair, calibrate and seal the safety valves in the workshop. The same certification allows us to calibrate and seal safety valves directly from the factory using/with an opening assisted device (AVK).


Authorized Dealer:

3R Industrie
High temperature Industrial produits. Strong presence in aluminum, its presence also extends to steel mills, refineries, foundries, petrochemicals, mining and paper mills.

Xomox,Tufline, Saunders
Bushels Valves. For industries such as steel mills, refineries, foundries, petrochemicals, mining and paper mills.

Our Special Projects

  • PFA coating by welding

  • We can cover conduct by any welding equipment have undergone abrasion.

  • Progressive valve

  • Progressive valve for siphon pot.

  • Unblocking Tools

  • Unblocking Tools for releasing pressure points for sealed valves.

  • Masse à criquet

  • Masse à criquet for opening and closing angle valves.